Fashion Photography 101

Fashion Photography 101

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Fashion photography is one of the most sought after areas of work among
upcoming photographers, and who could blame them? Along with the glamorous
lifestyle and huge potential audience for your work, fashion—much like art—is
constantly evolving. From the Hollywood glamour girls of the ’30s and ’50s, to the
disco fever of the 1970s and the grunge of the 1990s, fashion photographers have
been at the forefront of every movement, capturing the iconic moments of each.
Some of the photographers have been even more celebrated than the stars they
were shooting.

Fashion Photography 101
Fashion Photography 101
Fashion Photography 101
Fashion Photography 101
Fashion Photography 101
Fashion Photography 101

This guide gives you essential instruction on everything there is to know about
fashion photography—covering shooting on-location and in studio environments,
lighting diagrams and technical information, working with your model and
creative team, and tips on model guidance. As digital imagery plays a large part in
today’s industry, I have covered some aspects of post-production that are vital for
fashion photographers of any skill level. However, covering everything postproduction
can offer is outside the scope of this book, and those wanting to fully
master the digital darkroom would benefit from a dedicated guide. That said, you
will learn how to optimize your workflow, perfect your imagery, and also learn
about one of the most important parts of the industry—the business side of
photography; covering things such as marketing your work, catering to a specific
audience, how to effectively organize your portfolio, and how to use social media
to reach a wider audience. I hope this book will give you the confidence and
inspiration you need to launch your career and get yourself noticed within the
fashion photography industry.

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