Picture Perfect Practice

Picture Perfect Practice

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I wrote this book with a very specific purpose. It is meant to be a self-training guide for
teaching yourself how to learn to no longer be intimidated by light, and to understand
how to harness its photographic beauty regardless of the time of day, to be able to break
down any location in order to find its hidden potential, and finally, to tackle any pose and
achieve natural, flawless posing with anyone. If you are holding this book in your hands,
the title must have spoken to you: Picture Perfect Practice. The word practice is an interesting
word because it means different things to different people. For me, practice has been a
lifestyle. I practice everything I want to learn. I am relentless about it, and it has paid off.

Picture Perfect Practice
Picture Perfect Practice
Picture Perfect Practice
Picture Perfect Practice
Picture Perfect Practice
Picture Perfect Practice

This book is about giving you the tools for scanning any scene and dissecting it for its
photographic potential. It will serve you as a training guide where you will learn how to
turn ordinary objects into stunning photographic elements. Through deliberate practice,
you will learn to be more resourceful with your surroundings and light conditions. Where
most see just a white van parked on the street, you will see it as a light reflector. Where
people see an average office building, you will see it for its geometry, patterns, symmetry,
and reflections, and you will know exactly how to incorporate those characteristics into
your photographs. Photography is so interesting to me because it seems like the creative
potential is endless.

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