The Plugin Site ElementsXXL 2.51 for Adobe Photoshop Elements

The Plugin Site ElementsXXL 2.51 for Adobe Photoshop Elements

ElementsXXL добавляет до 120 мощнейших функций в Photoshop Elements, ранее доступных только в Photoshop. Эти функции реализованы в качестве элементов меню, значков, кнопок, клавиатурных сокращений и диалоговых окон, и поэтому они с лёгкостью интегрируются в интерфейс Photoshop Elements. ElementsXXL перекидывает мостик между Photoshop Elements и Photoshop, и значительно улучшает процесс редактирования изображений в Photoshop Elements.

The Plugin Site ElementsXXL 2.51 for Adobe Photoshop ElementsThe Plugin Site ElementsXXL 2.51 for Adobe Photoshop Elements

• 120 new features for Photoshop Elements for Windows
• Actions, Scripts, Filters & Adjustment Layers:
- Open and run Photoshop actions and scripts (Elements 6 and higher)
- Up to ten new filters: Curves, Exposure, Vibrance, Color Balance, Channel Mixer, Black & White, Selective Color, Sharpen, Sharpen - More and Sharpen Edges.
- Up to seven new adjustment layers: Curves, Exposure, Vibrance, Color Balance, Channel Mixer, Black & White and Selective Color.
• Layer Features, Smart Objects & Smart Filtering:
- Many new features, e.g. three new icons, for the Layers panel
- Opens images as smart objects, creates smart objects and enables smart filtering
- Use layer groups for additional masking and better organization
- Use vector masks
- Create and work with layer masks (for Elements 1-8)
- Adjust the fill opacity of layers
- Align layers to a selection or each other and distribute them evenly
- Stamp visible function for creating a duplicated copy of all layers
- Hide/show multiple layers
• Enhanced 16-bit Image Processing:
- Convert images from 8-bit to 16-bit per channel and back again (Elements 6 and higher)
- Quick Mask Mode lets you create or edit selections with all available filters and tools, e.g. the brush or gradient tool (Elements 6 and higher).
- Edit the channels of a RGB image individually and use them as selections
- New Curves, Channel Mixer and Sharpen filters
- Apply Image command for blending the image with itself while using an image channels as a mask (Elements 11 only)
• General Editing:
- Up to 12 new key shortcuts known from Photoshop
- Auto-Align and Auto-Blend features for recomposing portraits, creating panoramas and increasing the depth of macro shots (Elements 6 and higher)
- Edit the channels of a RGB image individually
- Fade and Trim commands like in Photoshop
- Apply Image command like in Photoshop (Elements 11 only)
- Soft proof option for seeing how your images looks on a certain device or printer
- New options: e.g. Non-Linear History, Log History to Metadata, Auto-Update All Documents
- Custom pixel aspect ratio
• Selections:
- Quick Mask Mode for editing selections with filters and tools, e.g. the brush tool
- Transform selections (for Elements 1-7)
- Create selections from layer masks, layer opacity and image channels
• Text Features:
- Larger Font Preview
- Three new text anti-aliasing types
- Spell check text layers and use Find & Replace on them
- Convert text layers to shapes for more creative freedom
- Adjust text tracking and use paragraph

The Plugin Site ElementsXXL 2.51 for Adobe Photoshop Elements
The Plugin Site ElementsXXL 2.51 for Adobe Photoshop Elements

New in Version 2
• Up to 102 new features
• Process 16-bit images with the help of smart filters and layers
• Use up to 29 additional tools with 16-bit images
• Support for 260 smart filters from 26 plugin companies
• Five new tools: Pen, Puppet Warp, Mixer Brush, Ruler, Slice & Slice Select
• New Paths panel for creating and editing paths
• Slice an image, add links and save it as a web page
• Improved Shadows/Highlights filter with seven new options
• Color Range feature for creating selections based on colors and tones
• Chromatic Aberration Removal filter for removing colored edges caused by lenses
• Color Match filter for applying the colors and brightness of another image
• Save Recovery Information feature for automatically saving all documents in certain time intervals and reopening them after Photoshop Elements crashed
• Fade feature now works with 16-bit images and offers three new blend modes
• Apply Image supports other documents and lets you blend two 16-bit images
• Run filters on the layer mask of a smart object
• New dialog for adding and editing smart filters at the same time
• Improved conversion to 16-bit per channel
• New Properties dialog for adjusting the density and feathering of vector masks and shapes
• New key shortcuts
• ... and many more

What's new in v2.51:
- Support for new smart filters: Alienskin Exposure 6 & 7, DxO Film Pack 5, Topaz Detail 3.
- Bug Fix: In Photoshop Elements 12 and 13 selecting the second separation line of the Presets combo box on the Curves dialog previously produced a crash.
- Bug Fix: When trying to run the last few smart filters on the filter list, they were mixed up or not executable under certain conditions.
- Bug Fix: Newer versions of the nik plugins work correctly as smart filters again.
- Bug Fix: When converting an image in bitmap or indexed color mode to a smart object, the image was previously closed. Now it is automatically converted to RGB mode.
- Bug Fix: German language detection now works correctly in Photoshop Elements 13.

Активация | Рег. код: Встроено (FOSI)
Дата выхода: 19.02.2015
Язык: English
Платформа/ОС: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Совместимость: Adobe Photoshop Elements 1-13
Размер: 5.23Mb

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