Activeden - Slot Machine 1320597

Activeden - Slot Machine 1320597

Activeden - Slot Machine 1320597
Flash FLA, ActionScript AS, XML Files | Flash CS5.5 (10.2+) | Resolution - Resizable | 2.04 Mb

A customizable Slot Machine simulator by Tweaks Games. Add your own reels, sound effects, background and button graphics to create any Slot Machine style. Alter Odds, Credits, Bet Increments, Currency, endless plays and more.

Features List:
- Simple to re-brand and customize with your own graphics and sounds
- Fast and lightweight, built with Flash & AS3
- Re-size to fit your website
- Fun and addictive games keep your visitors coming back
- Customize everything!
- Alter all the backgrounds, reel symbols, buttons and more
- Alter all Sounds
- Alter all Odds
- Alter the credits
- Alter the bet Increments
- Alter the currency
- Allow endless plays

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