CM - Sunlit Wedding Presets LR & PS 1344250

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CM - Sunlit Wedding Presets LR & PS 1344250
CM - Sunlit Wedding Presets LR & PS 1344250

Our approach to wedding photography is Fine Art Wedding Photography: Fine art wedding photography isn't just a catchy phrase; it's a modern approach in which design is paramount. Fine art wedding images are more graphic and stylized than traditional wedding photojournalism, as if they were pulled from the pages of a glossy wedding or lifestyle magazine.
These Presets will create a Sunlit Tones photo edit. Sunlit Tones Wedding gives your image a soft warm sunlit look. Also adds soft velvety blacks, adds warmth to all the color tones, increase the depth image, adds warmth in the highlights and the shadows, tones the white levels, and softens the image. Warm up your wedding photography and give a bright and soft outdoor look. This is compatible with both Lightroom CS4-6 & Creative Cloud Version & Photoshop CS4-CS6 & Creative Cloud Version.

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