X-47 UAV Drone UCAV 3d Model

X-47 UAV Drone UCAV 3d Model

X-47 UAV Drone UCAV 3d Model format .3DS | .MAX | .DXF | .OBJ| .WRL | File Size 18 Mb

Landing gear and bay doors are separate items so they can be shown as deployed or stowed/retracted. Sensor ball is also designed to pivot in both yaw and pitch directions.

Modeled to proper overall scale in meters using many reference photos and diagrams. This model has been designed and textured for a balance between polygon efficiency and good 3D detail at close range. (3DS, OBJ, and VRML exports also use texture maps; DXF does not.) The majority of the maps are 1024x1024 pixels. Textures have been manually UV mapped and adjusted for minimized stretching. Lighting is included in the .MAX file.

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