CM - Liquid Color Font Trio 1519495

CM - Liquid Color Font Trio 1519495
Liquid Color Font Trio

Liquid Font is a new set of 3 full color bitmap fonts with 94 glyphs in each color combination including the basic english alphabet in uppercase and lowercase, numeric characters 0-9 and basic punctuation. Each multi-color version of Liquid Font is included in the following formats:
Installable color Bitmap Font (OTF) for use in Photoshop CC 2017 or newer (See technical notes below.)
One .PSD file per style with glyphs isolated on individual layers including baseline guide.
Individual PNG files per glyph with transparent background for use in other graphic editing programs
Technical Notes
Color Fonts are currently only fully supported in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 or higher. OpenType-SVG fonts have recently been adopted as the industry standard, so wider support in design programs, operating systems and browsers should be coming soon! For more information please see the links below.
Note: Because these are multi color bitmap fonts you cannot currently change the color as you would with a standard bitmap font.
How to use the font
Install OTF font files as normal. Please note that at this time font previews will not work in most font management programs including default operating system previews but fonts will appear as expected in Photoshop documents.
You may also use the .PSD and PNG files to manually generate your own headline text in the graphic editor of your choice that supports these formats.

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